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DOCUMENT IMAGING - Legal specific scanning insures accurate and orderly production of your documents.  We can provide text searchable OCR files and produce them in any format to meet your needs in-house or for trial.  Blow-backs can be provide and bound in professional trial notebooks. 

VIDEO-TO-TEXT SYNCHRONIZATION - We synchronize our depositions in-house and QC them to insure accuracy during impeachment and clip creation. 

GRAPHIC DESIGN - Our artists can create custom illustrations and bring your ideas to life.  Connect with your jury with a clever metaphor, timeline or any demonstrative idea we collaborate on.  We can create timelines to fit your case specifically.

TRIAL PRESENTATION - Support you can count on!  Our technicians are true professionals in trial technology and are capable of presenting all of your evidence including any volume of documents, PowerPoint presentations, animations or impeach witnesses with their sworn testimony by video or transcript.  Depositions can be edited in court as well.  We set up the courtroom with everything you will need including touch screen monitors for the witness or attorneys.  We have the ability to save any witness-annotated evidence for future use.  You can be assured you are in good hands with our proven team of professionals.