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Clients Also Include:

“We have called upon LTS for nearly a decade to assist us with depositions and trial presentation because, in short, they are professionals in every sense - thorough, hardworking, insightful, punctual, and able to adapt to the ever-flowing nature of litigation and trial. They do a great job.”

   Cale Conley, Esq.

   Conley Griggs Partin, LLP

“From videotaping depositions to complete technology support at trial, LTS is experienced, dedicated, professional and provides a superb quality of presentation. I do not go to trial without them.”

   Jane Lamberti Sams, Esq.

  The Cochran Firm

“We have tried numerous cases with the assistance of the people at LTS. They are always extremely professional and well-prepared. With long and complex trials there are many times new issues raised or curve balls thrown in the middle of trial. No one is better at working fast and adapting on the fly than the professionals at LTS.

We highly recommend them.”

   Steve Lowry, Esq.

   Harris Lowry Manton LLP

LTS Legal Clients

We are proud to serve the legal community of Georgia and surrounding states.  We strive for unparalleled excellence and provide incomparable service to our clients.   

“While a picture is ‘worth a thousand words’, the right video presentation by Melanie is worth more than any words you can ever write. Her videos are powerful, they’re professional, and they’re always effective. Nothing beats hearing and seeing your witnesses and clients first hand, and Melanie does it best.”

David F. Walbert, Esq.   

Parks, Chesin & Walbert, P.C.

“We are very pleased with Bob Poston and the team at Legal Technology Services. Video work and courtroom work are top notch.

Tommy Malone, Esq.  

Malone Law

“I have used Bob Poston and LTS to assist with trial for many years. They were ahead of their time when I first started using them and remain a leader today. They are always professional

and exceedingly well prepared”

Y. Kevin Williams, Esq.

Weinberg Wheeler Hudgins Gunn & Dial

“Jurors expect powerful, efficient and immediate information with the latest technology.  LTS creatively provides all of those things with a very affordable and effective system, which is why we no longer try cases without them.”

   Pete Law, Esq.

   Law & Moran

I have been working with LTS for what seems like forever!! They are a valuable partner to have for our trial work. They are always there to make sure everything is done perfectly and they are easily accessible at trial. They are always available even when there are last minute fires to be handled. I love them all!!!!

Joy Rutledge - Senior Paralegal   

Peters & Monyak, LLP


“LTS has been an invaluable asset for our firm both for videotaping depositions and for trial presentations. We would highly recommend them for any type of technical job because of their expertise. They deserve credit for assisting us with obtaining multiple seven figure verdicts.  You cannot go wrong with using LTS.”

   Michael Goldberg, Esq.

Fried Rogers Goldberg, LLP

“LTS is part of our trial team and they are not merely an outside vendor.  Whether it be depositions, presentations, hearings or trials, LTS's services are top notch. In trials as well as in hearings, LTS allows you to present information in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  I recommend them without hesitation and know they add value to cases.

   Jed Manton, Esq.

   Harris Lowry Manton LLP

“In my opinion, LTS is the top provider of trial technology support in Georgia, and Liz Kemp is a big reason why. Liz is the consummate professional. She’s knowledgeable, experienced, and cool under pressure. I’ve tried several cases with Liz over the years, and have always been overwhelmingly satisfied with her performance.  Simply put, LTS is the best in the business.

  Mike Flint, Esq.

  Schreeder, Wheeler & Flint, LLP